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Our offers

The associations of RSE aim to :

Individual support for people (or families) based on:

  • a voluntary approach of the helped person,
  • an economic, technical and social diagnosis,
  • collective times (speaking groups, thematic meetings, trainings …) allowing helped people recover a liking for relationships with their environment and responsibilities,
  • the training of advisers, the professionalization of the service,
  • working in partnership (capacity of associations to mobilize different mechanisms and actors),

The council proposed by the member associations of Rural Solidarity in Europe is independent, non-profit.

It is part of a positive dimension:

  • Promote the assets of the company and the people, their potential, … so that people regain confidence. The farms of the helped farmers are for the most part family farms (the capital is owned by the family who works on the farm, but the farms can be of any size), and whose heritage and know-how have sometimes existed for several generations .
  • Trust: Help people find the ability to bounce back, overcome difficulties, understand and appropriate tools.

This approach takes time and is sustainable. The goal is that people find more autonomy and control of their exploitation.