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About us

Rural Solidarity in Europe is an association of French law created in April 2014, by 3 associations:

Agricall Wallonie Asbl
(Belgium/ Wallonia)
BAG Familie und Betrieb e.V.
Solidarité Paysans

Rural Solidarity in Europe aims to bring together associations bringing to the territory of a European state (in particular the members of the European Union), a non-profit support to rural companies that face difficulties and challenges, as well as the people and families concerned. Its members respect the principle of neutral support
accessible to any actor of the rural world.
Number of people / families accompanied on average each year by each of our associations:

3 000 families
1 600 families
Wallonia (Belgium)
700 people

Rural Solidarity in Europe is an exchange network that aims to :
On the one hand, to improve the skills of the national networks helping rural families (sharing of experience and expertise of advice, support for the development of similar support in new member countries …), and on the other hand to sensitize the public opinion and the decision-making authorities on the difficulties that these families encounter.

Rural Solidarity in Europe collaborates, within the framework of the project AgriRessources (Erasmus +), with the Austrian association LFI